Personal Wedding Anniversary message Wishes

Personal Wedding Anniversary message Wishes

Personal Wedding Anniversary message Wishes

Best Wedding Anniversary Message Wishes for Partner Celebration Would you like to surprise your partner with a beautiful inscription on the occasion of your Marriage anniversary ? Here we present the most beautiful words.

wedding anniversary message for partner

Personal wedding anniversary message for partner

Personal Wedding Anniversary message for Partner

  • My love is as strong today as it was five years ago. The sweetness and delicacy of your heart have made my life wonderful every day.
  • Thanks for giving me the most wonderful 25 years of my life. I hope to enjoy many more with you.
  • Thanks for giving me three beautiful children and giving me the possibility of having created a truly wonderful family.
  • Today we celebrate our Golden Jubilee. In these 50 years together we had the opportunity to educate our children, we have enjoyed many happy times and have even surpassed some difficulties.But most important of all is that we always stayed together and I want to be by your side for many years.
  • There is no greater happiness than alive since the day we joined in marriage.
  • The day of our wedding symbolized the union of two roots that have become over the years into a beautiful plant.
  • Do not count the years together but tries to stop time and the magic of love we enjoy since we gave the yes, I want it on the altar.
  • Your love is like a promise of eternal kiss.
  • The flame of our love forever remain unchanged. Congratulations, honey.
  • Couples who love each other are able to say a thousand things at each other without uttering a word.
  • What is capricious fate that has allowed us to enjoy these 25 years together.
  • The purity and brightness of our 50th anniversary gold remain unchanged for many years.
  • The man and woman are like two locked chests. One holds the key of the other.
  • True love is the way that both walking towards a common ideal.
  • While roses have thorns our love will never end.
  • So that the lamp can continue transmitting the light, we must not forget that there are add oil.
  • During the last 50 years we have enjoyed many joys and have also overcome some difficulties; but the important thing is that all this time we remain united. Desire, love, enjoy many more with you.
  • Years have passed since our marriage are wonderful. Happy anniversary, my love, I adore you more every day.
  • My life has become unpredictable since I’ve known. Every day you surprise me with new ways to enjoy your love.

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