Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom n Dad Quotes

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom n Dad Quotes

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom n Dad Quotes

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad

A good time to send a dedication to your partner is on your anniversary. It may be a Happy Wedding Anniversary for Parents day of your silver wedding or simply if you are newly married and want to surprise your partner. They are all very special occasions when a dedication of love will be very grateful. Following leave some best collection of happy wedding anniversary mom n dad also messages of dedications to congratulate a friend or relative by marriage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom n Dad Quotes

The first years of marriage are full of new experiences and unforgettable moments. Held every year on the day of your wedding anniversary with these dedications we’ve compiled for you.

  • Thank you for hearing my thoughts, understand my dreams, by living with my shortcomings and for loving me all these years. Happy Anniversary.
  • I had to kiss a lot of frogs to finally find my prince charming. I love you so much.Happy Anniversary mom n dad.
  • Marriage is like a fine wine, over the years is maturing and improving. Like you, Here’s to many more years together. I love you.
  • How beautiful it is to find the love of your life, every day, in the same person. Happy Anniversary my parents 
  • As the light that illuminates my life, support me in any situation and be the first smile when I get up. For all this and much more: I love you happy wedding anniversary mom n dad !
  • I thought I could never fall in love so much, give my heart without measure, think about you all for being by my side. Happy Anniversary daddy and mummy.
  • After all these years together, I still wonder how it is possible to fall in love with you every day. No exceptions. Love you. For a million years to you.
  • You’re the straw that moistens a desert. You’re the needle that by the time. You’re my mom and dad.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Message for Parents

Spending 25 years with the same person is certainly cause for celebration. In such a special day like this with your partner congratulates these dedications of love. You can also compliment them with some of your friends or family on their silver wedding.

  • An exceptional marriage is when a “perfect match” marries. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Love, you and I are perfectly different. In 25 years more! I love you.
  • T he marriage is a boat that takes two people for a stormy sea; if one of them makes a sudden movement, the boat sinks. For 25 years you have managed to maintain strong oars and make this journey a wonderful ride. Love you happy wedding anniversary parents.
  • My love is as strong and true today than 25 years ago. Can you imagine what it means to make happy every day a person for so long? More than 9,000 days of bliss.That’s what you’ve got me. I love you and want to share at least 9,000 more!
  •  Thank you for having lived with me for 25 years training with me a wonderful family, through which we will continue to exist happy wedding anniversary message to my parents
  • Congratulations on 25 years of happy marriage. And remember: Love is not counting the years, but rather the years count. Clearly, you have succeeded.
  • When you got married, you swore to love for life and all that we know are glad to see that promise is still alive, I congratulate you both for your silver wedding anniversary and teach all the eternal love if possible
  • We are anxious to know the recipe that I have allowed to live so close for 25 years.Congratulations!
  • Reaching the silver jubilee means that love was stronger than the problems.Congratulations for it.

Marriage Day Quotes for Parents

Here is a collection of autographs wedding to congratulate yourself on your marriage day for Parents to marry, Feelings of joy and good wishes to spend on a wedding.

  • I want the love that led you down the aisle, is never abandoned. Congratulations.
  • Today more than ever melt in your hearts beat as one, I wish you to be strong and for life. Happy Wedding Day parents!
  • Love fills the air today, I hope you must carefully each other and I breathe this love never ends. Congratulations to both mom and dad!
  • Happy day, portaros well and repitáis until they pass 25 years.
  • “A happy marriage is a long conversation I always seem too short,” wholeheartedly hope that always you love like this day. Congratulations.
  • This is just the beginning of a great adventure, every day and finding that beautiful journey that you undertake today is happiness.

The happiness that you feel today is incomparable with which you will feel to awaken each day together happy wedding anniversary day. Always do it with a smile Congratulations for your wedding.

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