100 Years of Wedding Anniversary Trend & Style Difference

100 Years of Wedding Anniversary Trend & Style Difference

100 Years of Wedding Anniversary Trend & Style Difference

We conducted a count of each of the wedding anniversary by year list from 1915-2015 , in short 100 years of difference and different styles that can be adapted to a modern, vintage, classic, creative, sophisticated bride.

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So take note and delight the pupil with bridal outfits that have brought for you a hundred anniversary year meanings ago, A less sophisticated age among brides was started, as the voluminous skirts disappeared bridal outfits, traditional anniversary gifts for each year and returned and headdresses.


They returned to the catwalk draped dresses , with short and long veils. The tendency for hair were big waves, and in turn, the classes were small for a much more 5 year wedding anniversary ideas conservative style.


In short, an era that emphasizes the elegance and luxury : veils covering the face, lace gloves and matching silk, most wore dresses heart neackless and long sleeves, and the trend of shorter dresses began to knee height.


The three-quarter sleeves were present, and the streak or skinny belt, or middle bouquets and veils that completed the outfits. And what about the trend of long gloves?


Again, skirts with volume disappeared bridal walkway, noting the auje the lace . The designs included wide and long sleeves or the lack thereof, and popularized “drape” style . As for the styling, with hippie brides, which today both take in the boho-chic style.


The era of the eighties was characterized by cathedral style veils with lace trim, giant bouquets and voluminous sleeves or panties.


The simple shapes and voluminous dresses, remained trend.


He bet on risky styles that were inspired the most haute couture.


In recent years, the styles have changed like wish Wish Husband Quotes but the main trends are focused towards including applique, lace, transparencies and triumfan vintage styles, romantic and, among others.


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