1st marriage anniversary Celebration Ideas At Home

1st marriage anniversary Celebration Ideas At Home

1st marriage anniversary Celebration Ideas At Home

Last week my wife, Angelica, and I celebrated 1st marriage anniversary surprise. Angelica is undoubtedly the greatest blessing I have received and our marriage was the best and also the most difficult time of my life. I am deeply grateful for the joy of having found God’s favor to my wife and I can say with all certainty that I am happy at his side.

marriage anniversary ideas

marriage anniversary ideas

I must also recognize that marriage is not easy and walk through life with another person at times seems an obstacle.This combination of facts, but seem contradictory, accurately reflect my years of marriage and I’m sure the majority of marriages between followers of Christ.

1st Marriage Anniversary surprise Wishes

In English there is a “win-win” phrase when a transaction or business makes both parties are winners. This is what happened in our celebration of our anniversary. Unfortunately, our children live far from their grandmothers. So, when we travel on vacation to visit them we let them while Angelica and I went to spend three days alone on the beach.

Thus, grandmothers enjoyed their grandchildren, they enjoyed their grandmothers and uncles and we could relax and celebrate as newlyweds. Arriving at the hotel and check in the hotel staff could not believe that we celebrated 16 years of marriage.

One of them made the comment “at this time is not common to reach this anniversary and even more with a smile on his face.” 16 years say easy, but they are not. These years reflect happiness, thanks to the hard work and “blood, sweat and tears” it is commonly said.

Most individuals and couples live adrift, carried away by the current or downwind. The easiest is to drive guided by autopilot. Thus many birthdays and spend their lives together, others separate and some are only temporary and superficial relationships where there is no commitment to future but only the pleasure of the present.

When one wishes to live for Christ and that his marriage is a reflection of this relationship with the Lord of the universe, he is a path full of challenges and that takes work.

The years of marriage they say easy but the days turn into years of constant decisions are covered by denying oneself and seek the good of others. Marriage, like any worthwhile relationship requires to be “intentional” to grow together and seek the common good above self.

Marriage Anniversary Celebration Ideas At Home

Jesus said that whoever wants to seek his life will lose it, but whoever loses because of Him shall find it. The Christian life and marriage reflected a seeming contradiction or paradox in which true happiness is when we deny ourselves to please Christ.

This requires constant discipline to listen to others, to apologize, to try to see beyond the everyday, to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to love unconditionally to the spouse.

Christian marriage is difficult because it has high, divine standards. It is simpler to live in the moment and being selfish. Anyone can go adrift, without commitments or deep ideals.

However, it is intentional, with the conscious desire to please God and give our lives for the spouse is a daily challenge in which the road is hard and rewarding at the same time.

We have the enormous advantage that the body of Christ can count on good books, great counselors and therapists, uplifting speakers and many other resources that help us grow as a couple and family and face the challenges as they arise. Also the Holy Spirit dwells in us, empowers us and the church helps us to encourage each other.

To celebrate anniversaries months and months of learning and growth are needed. Today I am more mature because God, my wife and the church are with me; I do not fight alone.

In our bedroom we have a phrase that says “grow old together; the best is yet to come.”There is no day that do not give thanks to God for Angelica and I am convinced that the love with the passing of days and years. I know that with God’s favor each year will be better because we know more and will mature together.

This does not mean that the road will be easy and there will be problems. On the contrary, we are aware that every day brings its own desire and we have no idea what will come in the future. But we know that the diligent work of each day gives sweet fruits we enjoy together, for the glory of God.Angelica love alive is a pleasure and thankful for getting lost in your eyes every day!

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