Reception Checklist for Wedding Planner

Reception Checklist for Wedding Planner

Reception Checklist for Wedding Planner

It’s a good idea to have prepared in advance the places that occupy your wedding guests during the reception.Worth doing, as well as ensure that your guests will be more comfortable with people around them, you will prevent some tables are empty spaces and have other people over.

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So are the tables of 8, 10 or 12 people is always advisable to organize the tables and locations for the Reception Checklist, also adding a category plus your event, guests will feel more at ease.

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How to distribute the tables to put the guests?

There are 2 ways to place and distribute to attendees, you boyfriends, schmooze which is what convinces them, I personally prefer the second.

  1. Make reparation for the families of the groom and the bride.

The living room is divided in two with an imaginary line, as they come guests, the hostess asked them whose side are: the boyfriend or girlfriend? In this way they indicate which side of the room you can find their table and finding your location.

  1. Allow the tables of the guests of both intermingle.

A table of the guests of the bride beside one of the guests of the bridegroom, ie alternating, so that everyone can relate to and live are located. All together as the new family that is being formed, without differentiating or segregating anyone.

How to allocate places ?

his is a somewhat complicated part of the process, keep in mind that the best way is to sit at the same table with the people who know or have something in common, for Reception Checklist example:

  1.        Brothers and cousins.
  2.        Aunts and uncles.
  3.        Neighbors.
  4.        Friends and coworkers.
  5.        classmates.
  6.        Older people, your parents invited.
  7.        By age group.

This is done in order that the guests to be related in some form or be of the same age and the same environment, have a topic of conversation to read 10th Anniversary Gift Idea and enjoy the event.

If people are inviting, but do not get along well with each other, they try not to seat them together and place them far from each other.

The tables of the parents and godparents are located closer to the couple, according to proximity to family and closest relatives, the young are located further removed because they tend to be more outrageous.

How do you indicate to guests instead?

To start the salon ask them to provide a sketch of the layout of the tables , so they can work in the available places each table and knowing where it is located.

There are 2 ways to know what your table:

  1. With hostess or hostesses who receive entry and shows their designated table. Whether hiring specialized personnel or ask the help of family or friends for this purpose.

They will have the sketch of the tables and a list of places to occupy the guests. The tables or the catalog can be numbered or lettered, give them a name, what comes to mind, if the wedding is theme uses the theme or a color to distinguish each table. Let your imagination to create your room and fill it with originality.

  1. Putting input receiving some type of decoration that is intended to inform the guests their places.

There are many very nice ways to do this.

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