Things To Do Before Wedding Day

Things To Do Before Wedding Day

Things To Do Before Wedding Day


Few things are as important to a bride and her wedding dress and the truth is that there are so many designers and models dressed, it is difficult to choose one. However, if you know what your wedding dress, then take note of these 4 things it will be better not to do to avoid a bitter moment.

wedding dress

  • Do not teach dress more.Surely once you have the dress in your hands you will be more than excited and want to show it to everyone, however it may be best to keep the details secret, or at least teach it only to closest people as best friends, your sister or your mom. Avoid at all costs post pictures of your dress in the social networks , as this only gives to talk about the most picky, especially if they have not been invited to the wedding. You can teach your dress to the closest, but better than the rest wait and see you live or after the wedding when you teach your wedding photos.


  • Do not forget the accessories. To acquire the accessories for your bridal look before you have decided on a dress can be a big mistake, but since you have chosen yours will be the perfect place to start looking for the perfect shoes moment, jewelry and the other accessories, so do not miss the time and everything ends to choose because you will wear on your wedding day.

keep looking

  • Do not keep looking. This is super common, because even have chosen and paid for your dress, it is hard to resist looking forward wedding gowns anywhere where you are. So once you have your dress avoids entering shops, prevents try on other dresses and avoids looking designs and prices on the Internet, as this is the easiest way to feel insecure about your decision or you can find a cheaper dress or you like best and only end up angry or discouraged.


  • Do not get on a diet. You will probably want to look fabulous on your wedding day and for that nothing better than a good diet and exercise routine, however it is best to start with and take several months or even a year in advance, avoiding fast and aggressive diets that promise you lose 10 or 15 kilos in a month, because besides the known “rebound” this kind of dietes often be counterproductive to health.

Also thinks that after choosing your dress, do not want to go up or down too much weight as this will mean an extra expense when adjusting the dress to make it the day of the wedding.




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