Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations For Couple

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations For Couple

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations For Couple

The honeymoon places is that wonderful time that the couple will enjoy and as newly weds, those days are going to be together for the first time living together as spouses and thus a great romantic trip indescribable expected.

For this there are many options, the world offers us many possibilities of places to go on honeymoon: exotic, romantic places, from a quiet beach in the Caribbean to a safari in Africa, through a cosmopolitan city .

The Honeymoon Destinations is the culmination of the wedding, it’s time for relaxation, romance and desestress after months and months of planning, which is why we must choose a place they like them both and that meets all your expectations and fit their interests.

Here we present a selection of the 10 :

Best Destinations for Honeymoon

Venice Italy. 


Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It consists of 117 islands and channels you can walk in a fantastic gondola with your partner. It is one of the ideal destinations for honeymooners. Venice also has beautiful buildings and is known for its art. Also, you can also visit nearby cities and just interesting as Rome and Florence.

 Paris, France.



What can you say about Paris that has not already been said? The romantic city par excellence and one of the best destinations for honeymoon. Paris offers visitors a city full of history, museums, art, but also romantic coffees outdoors, a lively nightlife and delicious food and the best shopping in the world, something home to many of the designers more famous.

New York, United States of America.


The most cosmopolitan and multicultural city of the world has lately become one of the favorite destinations for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon.

New York offers it all: delicious food from anywhere in the world, museums, a wonderful park (Central Park), the best theater, shopping, etc. You will not regret walking in New York.

Maui, Hawaii.


Hawaii is one of those luxury destinations where honeymooners can enjoy the most. Hawaii offers visitors unique landscapes: black sand beaches, volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls. Moreover, it is a favorite for surfers and windsurfing spots. Another available and very requested activity is sailing on a kayak, but if they are not thrill seekers can simply relax and enjoy the dances and local culture.

Riviera Maya, Mexico


The Riviera Maya is a part of the Mexican Caribbean is distinguished by beautiful soft white sand beaches and incredible blue sea. In the Riviera Maya there are hotels in all price ranges, from economy to luxury resorts. Besides the sea, sun and sand, are historic sites a short distance, that is the case of Tulum and Chichen Itza and Xcaret areas where they can spend an entire day honeymoon destinations enjoying its attractions are also found.

Safari in Kenya and Tanzania.


If they are looking for a honeymoon out of the ordinary, then there is nothing better than a safari through Kenya and / or Tanzania. A Safari in Kenya and Tanzania is not limited travel budgets, expensive, in short. But if they have the indicated capital and like adventure, the outdoors, nature and the wild, then do not think more and come with your travel agent. They did not disappoint and enjoy the beautiful and unique landscapes which are in Africa.



In this Southeast Asian country many of the wonders of this part of the world are concentrated. The capital Bangkok is very cosmopolitan and has many attractions: from modern skyscrapers to traditional monuments and temples. Thailand also distinguished by its history and culture, including dances and rich cuisine.

In northern Thailand are beautiful scenic mountain areas, islands and beautiful beaches. It is best to visit the country from November to February outside the monsoon season.

The Vegas, Nevada.


Who has not heard of Las Vegas? Luxury hotels unique evening shows in the world, shows the best singers and the leading magicians. The Cirque du Soleil permanently. Las Vegas may have the best honeymoon, especially if you like nightlife and partying. They enjoy gambling in casinos, sumptuous dinners and discos to dance and dance till you drop.

Montreal, Canada.


If you are looking for cultural activities, the suggestion is the beautiful city of Montreal. Montreal offers visitors a cosmopolitan city where the ancient and the modern are mixed: Renaissance buildings, sculptures, fountains and monuments. Museums permanently offer works by Picasso, Dali and Van Gogh. Jazz shows, antique markets, fashion, outdoor cafes and the only “underground city” filled with restaurants, cafes and shops ideal for shopping.

Bora Bora.

bora bora

Located in French Polynesia is the island of Bora Bora, one of the favorite worldwide for the newlyweds destinations. Bora Bora offers luxurious hotels and breathtaking landscapes: beach, sea, sun, cruises, snorkeling. Romance for couples who can afford this trip in one of the most expensive places. Yes, the investment will pay off.


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