Wedding Day Gift Tips Choose the Best Ideas

Wedding Day Gift Tips Choose the Best Ideas

Wedding Day Gift Tips Choose the Best Ideas

The gifts have become essential in many celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries …). Wedding gift tips should be done by the mere fact of having been invited (to go or not).The “unspoken rule” but unwritten, indicates that, if you go to a wedding banquet, the gift should cover at least the cover charge.

Best Wedding Day Gifts Tips

Its value should be based on the number of people who let us go to the banquet. Not usually make the same gift if you are only a couple, that if you partner with all her children, for example.

Gift, or money.

Although we have seen something as hard as assessing the “gift”, you should always give more with the heart than with the portfolio. Failure to attend the wedding, you should always have a detail with boyfriends. In wedding gifts, usually prevail utility reasons thereof. Whenever we can pick up a best gift idea to present, avoid giving money and if done with couples must be very reliable, and we have indicated that they want the money better. So all, if you can, Give them a detail to have a memory of him. How to ask for the money, if what you want, is varied. For example, in Catalonia, it is usually put with the invitation paper with a bank account number, indicating that the couple prefer money. (This practice has been extended and is now used throughout Spain).

“The wedding list is very useful for both the bride and groom to the guests”

Wedding lists.

One of the most widespread forms between couples, is ” to create” a wedding list in a specialized establishment. It is more convenient for both parties. A bride and groom are not repeated gifts, and invited them to facilitate the work of choosing a gift that they can not be useful. The bridal couple selects a number of objects, usually in order to equip their future home. Even in wedding lists, you can contribute a certain amount to give away expensive items among several people.

What is given away?

If there is no wedding list , there is the establishment where you have placed in our city or do not want to make a gift list wedding, we must remember that groups of traditional and more useful for weddings gifts are: appliances, decorative items in general such as vases, lamps, furniture, etc. Also, although it is easy dinnerware, glassware, etc. are repeated Even if you have a lot of confidence with the bride and groom, wedding gifts should never be personal.

Be original

If you have enough confidence with boyfriends and perhaps something adventurous, you can try to be original in your gift. Today Internet allows us to have at our fingertips access to hundreds of artists and artisans from around the globe, offering unique and personalized items. From songs, stories, portraits, crafts and all kinds of gadgets to collectibles, old or rare they may have some relation to the honorees. Dare and take a look at the many options offered by the network.

Choosing Gift for Life Partner

Try to find out that no one will regale the same or worse, they already have. It is a sensitive issue if you do not want toeliminate the surprise factor  the Life Partner With Gift but you can always check with the nearest person to the couple or directly ask the guests you know. You always run the risk of repeating, but this way it will minimize.

If you want to surprise boyfriends when you give them the gift, try to do it in a striking way. If you are a group of friends you can give it with a song and a simple choreography at the end of the banquet or dedicate a few words to the couple before giving the gift. Anyway, try not alargarte much or descuadrarĂ¡s the wedding planning.

Even if you think that money is an impersonal gift, you must think that in many cases will be as necessary to undertake new life together. There are thousands of ways to deliver the money in an original way and show that you have used a time on it, fold the paper like origami, hide the money inside macaroni, balloons, ice or fill a chest with coins as if they were a treasure.

You can organize a small game to reach the couple the gift. A treasure map where the bride has to guide the groom blindfolded, hidden clues in the room with them the gift or a small gymkhana that will make them earn a gift. We recommend that this does not last longer than 10/15 minutes.

There is an unwritten rule that says that the gift has to be equivalent to the price of each guest covered. If you do not know how much is covered, we recommend you figure between 130 and 170 euros on average.


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